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11 Oct, 13

The most advanced technology available for measuring the flow of water through rivers is an acoustic doppler current profiler , also known as an ADCP. We are proud to announce that not only does EnerTek now have this system, but we have the best one available.

The RiverRay600 from Teledyne RDI is the most versatile of models, being able to accurately gauge small and large rivers, which is perfect for our Peruvian Amazon.

The RiverRay outputs easy to understand data using proven scientific principles.

The ADCP works by sending multiple sound waves down towards the river bed. These sound waves hit particles in the water, as well as the river bed and bounce back to the ADCP. It then uses the doppler effect to determine how fast the water is moving. It can also determine how it’s own body is moving by utilizing the bounce off of the floor. This is known as bottom tracking. Combined with GPS, it allows the boat to be dragged across rivers and log the velocity and depth as it goes.

 ADCP systems are very useful for hydro electric projects because they help to gauge the power that a hydro project will produce. This is key for financing of said projects and lower flows than expected can lead to heavy losses.

From this point on, EnerTek will be using the ADCP for our clients, and renting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to companies who are interested. For more information see our ADCP page, which includes a calendar of available dates, as well as information on the RiverRay and theory behind the technology. Visit our ADCP page for more information.