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27 Ago, 13

With all of the money being pledged for mining projects in the coming years, (About $54 billion), the demand for energy will be increasing dramatically. This demand is extreme, according to the national society of mines, energy and oil (SNMPE), it will be somewhere close to an additional 2,000MW, in the southern region alone.  

This intense investing in mining without providing energy is the equivalent to a couple of horses playing tug-of-war with a strand of spaghetti. We agree with some who are saying that the $5 billion dollar natural gas pipeline will be economically unfeasible, and that the mines will need a different, more local source of power.

The good news is that  Jorge Merino, the minister of energy and mines, has recently mentioned the planned announcement of $24 billion in energy projects. We hope to see much of this be spent on renewable energy projects, which can be more localized, and more sustainable in the long term. 

While a natural gas pipeline will surely help citizens by bringing them a potential electricity source, a pipeline is not sustainable with a constantly increasing demand.
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