Whether we are working on hydroelectric, port and marine, bridge building, or oil and gas projects, our bathymetry team can meet your engineering and environmental project needs. EnerTek understands that high confidence, accurate data is the foundation of any successful project. EnerTek has invested in training, software, and advanced equipment to ensure that our team produces the most accurate results possible. Our team applies cutting-edge technology, using proven methodologies and control measures developed by leading hydrology institutes and developers such as SonTek, Teledyne, and the USGS. Our clients can rest assured that the information and data we provide is of the highest quality. 

Also, EnerTek has some of the most advanced topography drones, so we are a one-stop shop for all your topo-bathymetry needs.



Good data collection requires attention to detail, discipline, high quality equipment, and experienced engineers. EnerTek’s multidisciplinary team of experienced engineers take ownership of projects, participating in every step, including writing proposals, field work, and reporting. This ensures a full understanding of the project, and consistency and accountability in the final product.


EnerTek has experience collecting high resolution bathymetric data in harsh and dynamic conditions, including rapidly changing water levels, areas with low GPS signal strength, and turbulent high-velocity currents. Having successfully completed numerous projects under harsh conditions, we have learned new techniques, and acquired the technology to deal with these challenges. 

Our Ebee X photogrammetry technology

Ebee EnerTek

Our team can then process this information to create:

We use SonTek HydroSurvey technology to collect bathymetric, water column velocity profile, and acoustic bottom tracking data as part of our  hydrographic surveys. Our equipment is capable of collecting parameters such as depth, current direction, current velocity, and temperature data in water bodies to a depth 80m in a single pass, complete with accurate GPS tagging.


Rating curves give us a clear reading of flow and water levels and allow us to continue identifying trends, anomalies, and potential benefits and risks in the study area. We use Aquarius Software to complete our analyses.

This information is essential for the design, construction, operation, optimisation, and maintenance of:


EnerTek’s team provides basic RTK topographic services to support the development and integration of bathymetry data into existing maps. For more extensive topographic studies we subcontract trusted partners.