South America is one of the largest untapped solar energy markets in the world. EnerTek Global develops small, medium, and large scale solar projects. We have engineers who specialize in the development of solar systems and ensure efficient operation by using high quality equipment and constantly monitoring our projects.


EnerTek Global has experience working on multiple Solar PV projects in South America. Using advanced software, our specialized team of engineers conducts feasibility studies and delivers high quality design and equipment for your project needs. Read more..


EnerTek Global offers superior consulting services to clients interested in installing solar thermal heating and hot water systems. Our professional team designs, installs, and manages the project from initial site assessment to final installation and commissioning. Read more..


Ideal for cost effective task lighting in mining and construction, LED lighting towers last up to 5 times longer than conventional lighting towers, use significantly less energy, and require low to minimal maintenance. Read more..


Our EnerTek Global professional team conducts both Preliminary and Detailed Energy Feasibility Studies. EnerTek’s Feasibility Studies are designed to help customers understand the solar potential in a specific area. Read more..