EnerTek carries out both point and continuous water quality sampling on practically all physico-chemical parameters. We use state of the art equipment, proven techniques, and certified laboratories to obtain representative results. Our water-quality team designs and builds custom-made systems and structures that enable the collection of the most difficult samples.


The EnerTek team takes primary field data, as well as 3rd party data to create maps, reports, and decision-making tools for our clients. EnerTek team has extensive experience in processing hydrological, geospatial, and meteorological data. Our reports contain interactive features and infographics in different languages.


For projects requiring real time data, EnerTek installs high security, robust sensor, and telemetry systems to reliably send data in areas without phone coverage. This data is then made available via a secure sign-in portal to the client and trusted associates. Our networking and processing software carries out basic automatic post processing, data management, evaluation, graphing, and alarm management. These systems are ideal for clients with projects in remote locations or on projects with multiple sensors.