EnerTek Global uses various methods to collect water level data as per site-specific conditions and customer requirements.



Hydrological sensors are essential in obtaining precise data on river conditions, allowing continuous and reliable information to be collected when the operator is not in the field. These devices store the data in their memory in the time intervals for which they are configured.

EnerTek installs a variety of sensors that are accompanied by staff gauges to ensure data consistency. During every measurement campaign, the engineer re-calibrates the sensor if necessary (using readings from the staff gauges) and then downloads the previous data for analysis.

EnerTek installs the following sensors:

These sensors can be connected to a telemetry system which allows the data to be read from any location via a computer.


EnerTek Global uses high quality staff gauges that are designed for the specific environmental conditions at each site. Many river sites in Peru are difficult to access or the local community does not allow facilities close to their homes. EnerTek designs mounting systems for staff gauges that are adapted to each location, allowing data to be collected without affecting local communities.