EnerTek performs energy audits and energy efficiency analysis on your work site or building. We provide analysis of the electrical and thermal aspects of a site as well as current energy usage. Recommendations from these analyses start saving money in a short amount of time.


EnerTek Global offers energy audit services for your energy savings needs. We can do audits for a specific building, building systems, or across an entire university or institution. Our energy audit’s determine “where, when, why and how energy is used in a facility”. This allows EnerTek to find opportunities to save you energy and money.


  • No-cost operation/maintenance changes that save energy
  • Easy, low-cost energy efficiency upgrades
  • Major energy-saving capital investments
  • Opportunities for improved comfort for building occupants

Level 1: Site Assessment

EnerTek conducts a basic assessment of the facility, identifying no-cost and low-cost energy savings opportunities for your institution. Includes an analysis of energy bills and building inspections.

Level 2: Energy Survey

EnerTek conducts an energy analysis of energy use, energy costs, and building operations and management to determine exactly how energy is used in your facilities. In addition to identifying no-cost and low-cost energy savings opportunities, EnerTek also makes suggestions for rigorous and capital-intensive energy efficiency upgrades and investments.

Level 3: Investment Grade Audit

In addition to the analysis in Level 1 and Level 2 audits, Enertek will also provide financial analysis and recommend upgrades for capital investments. Activities include regular collection, monitoring, and analysis of building energy data.