EnerTek has gradually extended its measurement systems range in order to satisfy the needs of its clients in the mining, water treatment and hydropower generation sectors.

Some of our Measurement Solutions


System for measuring flow in partially or full pipes and channels up to 6m in diameter with flow velocities up to 5.3m/s. Typical accuracy of +/-2%

Ductus TT ECM IE

System for measuring flow in penstocks and pipes capable of withstanding up to 60 bar and measuring velocities of +/- 20m/s in pipes of 0.3 – 10m in diameter. Typical accuracy of +/-0.5%

AquaProfiler MT

System for measuring flow in channels, spillways or streams up to 120m deep, with +/-8m/s velocity. Typical accuracy of +/-1%

Kanalis TT MT

Transit time flow measurement system for open channels up to 40m wide. Typical accuracy of +/-2%

Q-Eye Radar MT

Non contact radar velocity and doppler level sensor system, capable of measuring depths of ~5m with velocities of +/-15m/s

ReVision MT Clamp-on

This system clamps on to pipes of 0.3 – 10m in diameter (no drilling required). This system measures flow using the transit time method. It can measure velocities of +/-20m/s. Capable of typical accuracy of +/-0.5%

Customised Solutions

EnerTek designs, builds and installs made to measure systems for your specific hydrology and control application. We programm, assemble and check that all systems work before going on site, therefore, we save time and money for our clients in the long term.