What was once known as alternative technology has now become mainstream. Renewables are a competitive source of energy in an unpredictable market. EnerTek Global provides engineering services for various renewable energy systems, and ensures high quality and profitability. We offer a range of services in the renewable energy field to support different projects and use the natural resources available in each location.


EnerTek has developed an expertise in designing, installing and programing automated and integrated systems of flow measurement and control in South America. These high accuracy systems are of particular interest for mining, hydroelectricity, agriculture and wastewater industries for monitoring their usage of water during operations.


EnerTek has more experience performing hydrological monitoring in the Peruvian River System than any other company in the world.


South America is one of the largest untapped solar energy markets in the world. EnerTek Global develops small, medium, and large scale solar projects. We have engineers who specialize in the development of solar systems and we guarantee efficiency by using high quality equipment and constantly monitoring our projects.


EnerTek performs energy audits and energy efficiency analysis on your work site or building. We provide analysis of the electrical and thermal aspects of a site as well as current energy usage. Recommendations from these analyses start saving money in a short amount of time.


EnerTek has a strong in-house team of engineers, as well as an extensive local and regional network, which facilitates the efficient design, management, procurement, and construction of wind energy projects. The EnerTek team has extensive experience working on international wind farm projects in Scotland, Wales, Chile, and Peru.

EnerTek Global has extensive experience in the installation of meteorological stations worldwide. We provide our customers with the most accurate data so they can make informed decisions for their project.