Santa Teresa Hydroelectric Plant (98 MW)

The Santa Teresa hydroelectric project is owned and operated by Luz Del Sur, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, and the plant is located near the world heritage site of Machupicchu in the Peruvian Andes.

In July 2017, EnerTek installed a real time flow measurement system at two critical points within the Santa Teresa project. Before the charge chamber, a radar level and ultrasonic sensor were installed to measure water level, along with a Hydrovision Q-Eye MT Modular Transmitter to store and manage the data. Downstream of the charge chamber, two pairs of 200 Hz clamp-on transducers were installed on the penstock to measure flow, with a ReVision MT Moduler Transmitter to manage the data.

The sensors measure water level and flow in in real time and transmit the data to the client’s control center over their local area network (LAN), allowing the client to efficiently monitor and control the plant’s Francis turbines.

Santa Teresa Hydroelectric Plant
Site: Santa Teresa Hydroelectric Plant, Cusco, Peru
Client: Luz Del Sur
Overview of Installed System:
  • Hydrovision Radar Level Sensor (water level)
  • Hydrovision Ultrasonic Level Sensor (water level)
  • Hydrovision Q-Eye MT Modular Transmitter (store and manage level data)
  • 4X200 kHz clamp-on transducers (flow in penstock)
  • ReVision MT Modular Transmitter (store and manage flow data)
  • Real time digital display and monitoring