In September 2017, EnerTek designed and installed a “Cutthroat” type flume to measure water flow at the Magistral Mining Project (Milpo) in Ancash, Peru. The project also included the installation of sensors and staff gauges to develop a rating curve for the flow at the site.

The hydraulic design for the flume was based on data from previous flow measurements at the Magistral site. The flume was prefabricated in stainless steel to avoid errors in construction at the site and ensure proper operation. The level and pressure sensors record water level data continuously which is calibrated with the water level measurements at the staff gauges.

A rating curve for the flow at the site was developed based on data from the flume and level sensors. The information will be used by the Milpo Mining Company to develop a groundwater model in a potential mining site.

Site: Ancash, Peru
Client:  Montgomery Associates
  • Design and Install of Cutthroat Flume
  • Staff Gauge and Level Sensor Install
  • Development of Rating Curve