Flow Measurement System CH Misicuni Bolivia (120 MW)

In October 2017, EnerTek installed a real time flow measurement system at CH Misicuni Bolivia (120 MW) to monitor the flow at the intake of the project with high accuracy. The Misicuni Project supplies water to the city of Cochabamba in central Bolivia, and also adds 120 MW of generation capacity to the national grid.

The project consists of a 19.2 km tunnel which transports 14.7 m3/s from the Misicuni reservoir to Cochabamba through a 1.8m diameter, 5km long penstock. The client needed to know the flow at the intake of the project with an accuracy greater than +/- 1%. EnerTek installed a Hydrovision, transit time, clamp-on flow measurement system, with two pairs of sensors. This system was then connected to the control room through a local controller using a 5km fibre-optic link and MODBUS TCP/IP communication.

The system allows the client to monitor flow in the pentstock in real time for water metering, safety and control purposes.

Site: C.H. Misicuni, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Client: Imesapi
Overview of Installed System:
  • Hydrovision Clamp-on Flow Measurement System
  • Local Controller
  • 5km Fibre-Optic Link
  • MODBUS TCP/IP communication
  • Real time digital display and monitoring