Between May 2016 and April 2017, EnerTek completed a year-long hydrological study on the Caine River for the Molineros 132 MW Hydroelectric project in Potosi/Cochambamba, Bolivia. The study included the development of a rating curve for three locations, a topobathymetric survey and sediment sampling.

The topobathymetry study was completed using an acoustic doppler echo sounder (ADCP) and a total station. Continuous hydrological monitoring was carried out at nine hydrometric stations (designed and installed by EnerTek), which included staff gauges, water level sensors and barometric sensors. The sensors took water level and air pressure measurements every 30 minutes, and this data was calibrated with daily photos of the water level at the staff gauges.

The flow measurements were taken at transects with widths from 20m to 30m and water speeds up to 4m/s. Water quality and sediment sampling was also included in the study. Results were presented in a series of reports delivered after each measurement campaign and a final report at the end of the study.

Site: Potosi/Cochambaba, Bolivia
Client:  Intertechne
  • Lorena Hydro Project (132 MW)- 1 year Hydrology Study
  • Development of Rating Curve at 3 sites
  • Topobathymetry Survey