EnerTek’s Solar PV system at Roosevelt school reached 1MWh of clean energy generation

Today EnerTek's Solar PV system at Roosevelt school reached 1MWh of clean energy generation. That´s equivalent to 1/4 tonnes of CO2 saving. For more information click here.

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No Power, No Problem (Take 2)

Accustomed on the Lima’s frequent power cuts, the EnerTek office spent the morning running on solar power… once again. Being on the fifth floor, the EnerTek office called for an unconventional panel placement (vertically positioned next to the office window) but the 280Wp Victron solar panel provided enough power to keep the office running until [...]

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EnerTek successfully installs another PV system

This week EnerTek puts its finishing touches on the 2.2kW Solar pv system at Colegio Roosevelt, Lima. Using state of the art equipment from Victron Energy, this grid-tied system is a shining example of solar energy at its best. Interested to find our more about EnerTek’s solar services, contact us here.

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EnerTek becomes the official distributer of Victron Energy Products

The EnerTek team has joined forces with Victron Energy! We now offer their high quality, European designed solar equipment as a part of all EnerTek Solar installations. Check out the full range of products or explore all the solar services that EnerTek offers.

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