Abraham Valdelomar school yard.
As a way to promote renewable energy and educated children on sustainable development, GIZ, a German corporation, funded EnerTek to install a photo-voltaic lighting system for a small school on the fringes of Lima.
An LED light powered by the sun in Abraham
Valdelomar’s laboratory

Abraham Valdelomar

The school was in a part of town called Puente Piedra. They have a nice establishment with multiple classrooms, an outdoor playground, and a laboratory, which was the focus of our project.

The Plan

EnerTek planned a solar installation of a 60W Solar panel and five LED lights. Four for lighting the laboratory and one for lighting the playground.
In order to power the lights during the night time, EnerTek installed a charge controller and battery, which any 12V device can be connected to.
Theft can also be a problem in some parts of Lima, so EnerTek decided to protect the school’s system against theft by locking the panel to the mount, and setting the mount in concrete. Measures like these significantly deter common thieves.
Students and the EnerTek team after the
Solar installation
Solar Panel housing set in concrete to
deter theft

When all was said and done, the students and teachers had witnessed a solar installation, as well as received free lighting in their laboratory and play yard for the next decade.

Education and Training

After the installation, Alan Clarke, the founder of EnerTek gave a demonstration of how photo-voltaic electricity works and answered questions from the students and teachers.